Confidence comes when….

I was driving into town yesterday to meet one of my favorite people and this blog just came to me in little snippets, so here goes; my thoughts being placed into words that I hope serve to raise others up. I have been blessed to purchase a space for my studio, North Georgia Yoga Center. However, […]


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New Blog location …

Hey if you have been following my blog, I have moved it to my own website. Please continue to follow me here: Just type in your email address to join the blog. Same writer, same owner, just a new home for my blog and a new look:) Thanks for the support! Peace, Mindy

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The meaning of Seva…

Starting this month I will be teaching a class once a month for free at Dahlonega Spa Resort. The name of this free class is Seva Sunday. What does that mean you might ask? “Selfless service or Seva (Punjabi: ਸੇਵਾ) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for the performing it. Such services can […]

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A break from work…

I have always been one of those people that likes to “do” things. I am not just an observer. I tend to be an action person. Ironically, I spend most of my days in stillness with others or teaching Yoga classes and inviting each student to find stillness in each aspect of the postures. When […]

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Issues in the tissues…

This was written two weeks ago but I felt changing the tense of the writing also changed the message I am trying to relay. Enjoy!   Where to begin…? The beginning maybe? So, I signed up for some more Yoga Teacher Training in order to further my personal practice. I find that if I am […]

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