Have you ever gone on a Yoga Retreat?

If not you are in store for an amazing time. It’s two of your favorite things: Yoga and Vacation mixed together to create a mindful unwinding, allowing you to enjoy each moment. However, with anything new, also comes fear, questions, concerns…etc.

So, that being stated I decided to write a blog post about my upcoming retreat this June 1-6th in Boone, NC and answer some of the questions and concerns that usually pop up and can often keep people from taking a trip they will remember forever!

Traveling on a retreat can be exciting and intriguing and awesome! The number one thing I here people ask is do I have to share a room? No, absolutely not. Just remember that private rooms are more expensive. Also remember that sharing a room with someone is a great way to get to know other people that love Yoga and vacation. Just like you:)

What if I am not fit enough or everyone else isn’t at my fitness level? GREAT. The more differences we have the greater the opportunity for me to teach to ALL levels of fitness. Besides, we are on a retreat to feel good and do Yoga. I don’t know about your practice, but mine is a place of no judgement. Your mat your practice. You can make the classes as easy or as challenging as you want. There will be plenty of modifications and variations for all poses taught during each class on our retreat.

What if I don’t know anyone? Then this is a great opportunity for you to meet new people that love Yoga and vacation. This is a time to perhaps create a lifelong friend. You may not know anyone when you get there but I promise you will know every one of us by the time we leave.

Why this location for our retreat this year? Honestly, I chose a location in the USA that met the following criteria: having a spa, within a 5 hour driving distance, provide all the meals and be able to offer spaces to have some downtime to meditate individually or offer sunset meditations as a group. Also, I love the North Carolina mountains and feel very at home in them. Oh, and great views too:)

How do I pay? You can pay using any cc and Trip Tribe can even take payments. Call them and they will talk you through the process. They are very supportive of our retreat and want you to have the best experience possible! Remember they love Yoga too;) Click this link https://triptribe.com/mindync and use coupon code MINDY200 and you can save $200 on your trip. Today is the last day to use the coupon.

I remember the first time I went on a Yoga Retreat myself. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was young, going to a place where I knew no one and flying out of the country by myself. Oddly enough, from the moment I landed at the international airport everything fell into place. The people that picked me up where happy and excited that I was in their country. The retreat location in the mountains of Costa Rica was gorgeous. The welcome to my retreat was perfection. The ages of people where 21(me) to 70. I found everything to be wonderful. The food was delicious. The people were caring and considerate. Some of those people I am still connected with.

New experiences allow us to expand our awareness, our hearts and our minds. As we expand ourselves we have the ability to come back to center. Our true center, the heart. Stretch out of your comfort zone and discover something new about yourself and I promise you that you won’t regret that in any way, shape or form. I also promise you that once you discover home amazing you are you will have a little laugh about the fear you had and you will be grateful for taking the time to make yourself a priority. As  you grow, you create a higher vibration that allows everyone you come in contact with to raise their vibration.

If you have any other questions just remember to ask me, call me or email me. You can get all the contact info on ngyoga.com  See you on the mat…or in the mountains:)


One thought on “Have you ever gone on a Yoga Retreat?

  1. Sounds wonderful, Mindy, and we love Boone! But…we already have plans to meet long-time friends in the mountains of Tennessee those dates.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

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