Growth is good…and so is change.


Well, as I predicted, we have gotten the building as we want it (for the most part) and we may have an upcoming relocation. Let me give you the details.

This week after arriving back from the retreat I got the info that Pueblos will be moving into the space that was previously known as Pond Docs in our same area while they update their other building on the corner. Now, what does that mean for NGYC? The blue studio wall is a shared DOUBLE wall that is suppose to be soundproof, however what really concerns me is the smells of cooking and sharing the parking with lots of come and go traffic.

So, what am I going to do? What I always do. Move onward and upward. I have NOT given notice as I do want to see if the wall is soundproof enough and if the parking lot can be shared, or if the smells from the kitchen permeate the space. That being said, in no way am I naive enough to think that this will work long term and as many of you know we definitely need another bathroom and more space.

I find myself once again looking for our next studio. I am in a space of growth which brings stress since I cannot control what other people do outside of our space. Ultimately the growth was going to happen anyway and now it has just been sped up a bit faster than my original plan. Therefore, I am reaching out to all of you in our North Georgia Yoga community. If you know of a space that is 3500-5000 square feet on a few acres and near town then please send me an email.

Ultimately, I am considering buying something ready to move into OR finding some land and then building something. It just depends on what the universe has in store for all of us. To summarize, everything will continue as it is and I will do my level best to make any transition to our new space (if we need to move) as seamless as possible. I have always envisioned a space much larger for us as well as had a plan. Most of you know I always have a plan:)

Consider this a blog post about keeping your informed. Please remember that I cannot control outside forces and my main priority is to always provide each of you with a safe, calm and secure environment. I begin looking at properties next week and have a plan A and plan B. As always, I keep you in the loop via my blog, Facebook and Twitter. In the mean time, keep going to classes, enjoying the space we have and be open to receiving all the good things coming to you on and off the mat.

Growth doesn’t happen if you stop moving. So again, keep moving in your path on the mat and your journey in life because I have no plan to stop growing nor do I see myself stagnating in any way in my life. It’s just not how I am wired. It’s easy to stay where you are and just take what comes to you, but I have found in the years of my journey that it’s more fulfilling to get up and go for what you want in life.

That being said, I am up, I am open and I am ready to take the next steps with NGYC and I pray that all of you will join me as we raise our vibration to the next level. As always, thank you for sharing your light with everyone at NGYC and for being a part of our Yoga tribe. Most importantly, thank you for being amazing teachers to me. I look forward to where we are going but I am grateful that we are right where we are because this momentĀ is as it is meant to be.

From the light in me to the light in each of you, thank you and “keep practicing because all is coming.”

Many blessings now and always, Mindy

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.49.10 PM

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