Things change…and we grow.

It’s strange how we spend so much of life trying to define who we are. Carve out our niche so to speak. I have always thought that where I am and what I am doing do NOT define who I am. So many of us go thru this crazy journey of life without realizing that what we do is NOT who we really are. I believe, we are what we CHOOSE to be and the things we do in our life daily can edify ourselves and your choices or what you do daily can undermine and   sabotage you.

All that being said, I have given notice on our current location for NGYC. The Yoga Community is not defined by it’s location or a singular space. We are a community that resides within each one of us and makes up the whole. We choose to be a Yoga community and in doing so I am choosing to look for a new space for NGYC. I am looking for that new space right now and we will need to be out of our current location at the end of August.

As I look at many spaces each day, I am reminded of how this all started. A tiny little space of only 347 square feet and now we are looking for something larger than 2500 square feet. We grow because we CHOOSE to grow or we stagnate. I am not one to sit around so please know that I will keep you informed about the move but for right now, come to class, enjoy the space we have and be open to the growth that NGYC and our Yoga community is having in this moment.

To summarize, I do not have plans to sell NGYC, nor do I have plans to leave Dahlonega. What I  AM doing is having faith that all will go according to Divine plan. Remember, as Pattabhi Jois once said, “just keep practicing and all is coming.”

Peace and Light to you now and  much gratitude always, Mindy

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