Confidence comes when….


I was driving into town yesterday to meet one of my favorite people and this blog just came to me in little snippets, so here goes; my thoughts being placed into words that I hope serve to raise others up.

I have been blessed to purchase a space for my studio, North Georgia Yoga Center. However, several months after being in the space it is really just now hitting me that I OWN that building. Correction, I OWN that building with a very beloved friend and mentor. NO one can raise my rent. NO one can tell me what to do or when to do it. NO one can take that space from me, including the bank!

How freakin awesome is that? When this thought process began to percolate on my short drive to visit Margret Von Kaiser in Dahlonega, well I was floored. I didn’t even conciously realize how those things were bothering me in the other location I rented before our purchase. Several things really clicked in for me, or better yet, I think I just finally accepted them.

I purchased the building with my friend Wendy and her number one aim was to see me flourish. Her second aim was to make a solid investment. I am humbled by her love as well as her faith in our little town and the discipline of Yoga. My number one aim was to have a permanent home for NGYC. A touch stone of a place for me to always come back to. My second aim was to be smart and make a good investment in MYSELF and then in a space to serve my needs and the needs of our Yoga Community.

Where is this going? What was the big aha moment? I OWN that space. NO ONE can take it away. Inside that space I can create whatever I want without fear of reprisal. Owning a space brings a level of confidence that I didn’t even know I was missing. Owning that building for NGYC makes it a solid anchor in the reality that Yoga is my life, not just something I do on the side. Owning that space has shouted out loud to the local community that I have put my money where my mouth is. Hell, most people buy a house first. As you know, I am not most people. I still pay a monthly rent but I OWN that house of Yoga. Most days and weeks I spend more time in the Yoga Center than I do at my house:)

Ultimately, having a home for NGYC and Mindy Searcey as a Yoga Instructor has given me the confidence to teach the way I really want to teach. It has allowed me to say what I really want to say in order to serve humanity. Owning that space has given me a great friend that 100% backs what I do and how I do it. Owning that space has given me a home in a way that no house I’ve lived in ever has. I don’t just own a building. I own who I am . I own how I am. I own where I am going and where I have been. Most importantly , I OWN ALL OF IT.

No more fretting about what might happen if it’s too loud. No more stress about the $600 utility bill because of the poor insulation. No more sacrificing time with my husband to go paint a building I rent. No more hoping that I find a place that just works. Simply put, no more. I am ALL in and that building that houses NGYC is my living proof. I am confident that all will go according to Divine plan and I am ready.

I AM. I AM. Sat Nam, Sat Nam. RIGHT HERE NOW

Peace to you always,




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