Oils That Help with Holiday Stress

written by Caroline Donahue for NGYCMindy The benefits of aromatherapy have been enumerated in countless articles, blogs, books, magazines, and more for many, many years. Eastern medicine has relied on aromatherapy via essential oils for centuries, and the West has finally started hopping on the bandwagon. Thankfully, we do know that oils are beneficial for […]

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Limb #7….thought ceases

7. Dhyana – (Meditation) is the state of existing fully in the here and now. Having naturally arrived at this stage thru the practice of “one-pointed ness”, thought ceases and we abide in the present. This sounds abstract but truly it can be achieved. Our western mind (and society) tells us that we must sit […]

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Limb #6…focus…

6. Dharna – (Concentration) Dharna is the practice of making the mind “one-pointed”, so as to steady it and make it still. This state of “one-pointedness”, when prolonged, leads to meditation. Oh the crazy monkey mind and all it’s little places it likes to go. Also, our current technology driven world only serves to facilitate […]

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Limb #5…withdrawal…

5. Pratyahara – (Withdrawal of the Senses) Pratyahara is the withdrawal from the outer world as experienced through our senses so we may journey farther inwards towards a more dispassionate, objective observance of ourselves. This can often be the hardest limb of Yoga. To withdraw from the way we see the world and truly observe […]

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Limb # 4 of Yoga….

Pranayama – (Breath Control) Pranayama techniques develop mastery of one’s breath, a usually sub-conscious process is brought under conscious control. Pranayama reveals the intimate connections between mind, body, breath and emotions on an even more subtle level, allowing still deeper penetration inwards. The practice of breathing is tantamount to a complete experience when practicing Yoga. […]

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